Riven Yorkstone Paving

Riven paving made from yorkstone has been used for centuries in cities, towns and villages across the UK. Quarried in West Yorkshire, it is a strong, durable stone with colour and character. With its slightly uneven surface, our riven paving ranges from dark nutty browns to golden sandy browns with touches of grey.

Riven paving slabs for pavements and patios

Riven slabs are ideal for patio paving and footpaths. Mixed sizes and colours give an attractive natural effect as seen in the photo top left, while uniform sizes and colours give an ordered, planned effect. It also makes excellent garden paving stones and is perfect for features like paving circles.

Yorkstone flooring

You can give your kitchen the farmhouse look by using our yorkstone flags as interior flooring. And as well as giving that authentic rustic feel, they are non-slip and durable, so practical too.

What size flagstones do you need?

Riven yorkstone flags are normally supplied in random sizes with sawn edges, but can also be cut to set sizes. The thickness varies between 40 to 80 mm. Our paving flags are cut to order to suit your project.

Prices for riven yorkstone paving

Our prices for riven yorkstone paving flags are from £60 per square metre plus VAT and delivery.