Crazy Paving

It’s not so crazy – it’s back in fashion and great value! Broken slabs of our riven and sawn yorkstone paving create a natural rustic mosaic for patios and pathways. Our crazy paving has all the quality and colour of our standard yorkstone flags but the completely random shapes give it a character of its own. And because it comes from broken pieces we can offer it at a much cheaper price than our regular paving stone.

For pavements, patios and driveways

Crazy paving makes great looking pavements but probably is at its best on patios and driveways. You can choose sawn paving with its smooth, polished surface or riven paving with its natural uneven surface. You also have the choice of mixing slabs of different colours or keeping the same colour across your patio or driveway.

Prices for yorkstone crazy paving

We are one of the main Yorkstone crazy paving suppliers so we can offer it to you for an amazing price starting at £15 per square metre plus VAT and delivery.