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Tumbled setts or cobbles
Tumbled yorkstone setts: Yorkshire cobbles

Yorkstone Cobbles

(Tumbled setts)

Our cobbles, or setts, are new yorkstone paving blocks which are tumbled to give an aged appearance similar to that of the setts or cobbles that have been used for centuries. The setts are very durable and are ideal for driveways, patios and pavements. The setts you see on cobbled streets in Britain have been there for 200 years and still look good. The natural colours vary from a mix of buff-brown to grey.

Great value paving

Setts actually give a greater area per ton than flat paving slabs and they make groundwork easier. So you will get the attractive and authentic look of cobbles for less cost than conventional paving.

Driveway cobbles

It would be difficult to find another stone product that looks as visually stunning and spectacular as a properly laid cobbled driveway. And yorkstone setts are tough enough to withstand the pounding given by any wheeled vehicle. Driveway cobbles on a properly prepared base will last for generations.

Prices of tumbled setts

Like all our paving products prices vary depending on the type and size of stone and the amount of masonry needed but here are some examples:

What are tumbled setts?

Tumbled setts are made from new yorkstone which is 'tumbled' to give the appearance of old fashioned cobblestones. The paving blocks are initially cut from hard yorkstone slabs and sawn to uniform thickness and width but random lengths. After tumbling they can be blackened to look like the setts on old cobbled streets.

The 'cobbles' still seen on streets in many towns across the north of England are actually 'setts'.

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