Yorkshire Stone Paving

You have a choice of styles and finishes for your Yorkshire stone paving. Each style will add a different character to your home and garden, so take a look at each of the options on the right so see which suits you best.

Riven yorkstone paving

Riven yorkstone with its natural rough surface is the classic Yorkshire stone paving and is ideal for footpaths, patio paving and garden paving.

Riven paving slabs

Sawn yorkstone paving

Sawn Yorkshire stone paving flags have a smooth, polished surface which will give your property value and style.

Sawn paving flags

Reclaimed yorkstone paving

Reclaimed paving stones with their natural colouring, weathered face and amazing durability give a genuine period look to your path, driveway or patio.

reclaimed paving stones

Crazy paving

It's not so crazy - it's back in fashion! Our yorkstone flags in different shapes, sizes and colours will add character to your driveway and put you ahead of the game.

crazy paving
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