Reclaimed yorkstone paving
Reclaimed paving slabs give a natural
weathered look to this footpath

Reclaimed Paving Stones

(Old Yorkstone Paving)

Reclaimed yorkstone paving, also known as old yorkstone paving, has a weathered, aged surface with attractive natural colouring which gives an authentic period look to your home. You can be sure it will stand the test of time - it has already lasted several lifetimes before it reaches you!

Reclaimed paving for driveways and patios

Riven paving stone gives a genuine aged look to patios and driveways. For the most effective period feel go for a mix of sizes and colours.

Reclaimed stone flooring

Our reclaimed paving slabs are also ideal for interior use as stone flooring to replicate the look of an old farmhouse kitchen.

Prices for reclaimed yorkstone paving

Our prices for reclaimed paving stones start at £75 per square metre plus VAT and delivery. We will thoroughly clean the surface and square the edges before supplying the reclaimed paving slabs to you on pallets.

What is reclaimed paving?

Reclaimed yorkstone paving is natural stone paving salvaged from redevelopment sites. It is genuinely old and in many cases dates back to early in the last century. Riven yorkstone flags were used to pave towns and cities across the UK because of their attractive colouring and wonderful durability. As local authorities and builders redevelop our town centres, the yorkstone paving slabs are carefully removed and made available for use as reclaimed paving and reclaimed stone flooring.

Houldsworth Stone, Yorkstone Suppliers

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Enhance your reclaimed yorkstone paving by adding yorkstone steps and yorkstone walling.

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