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Bullnose Stone Steps

Posted on: October 27th, 2011 by barry No Comments

A frequent question often asked is ‘What are bullnose steps and why use them?’

Bullnose steps from Houldsworth Stone are genuine Yorkstone steps. The Yorkshire sandstone is cut with the leading edge of the step rounded off to form a semi circle.

The rounded edge is a professional finish forming an imposing entrance to any house. By using a rounded edge it prevents the sandstone steps from chipping and reduces the risk of injury.

We can cut these Yorkstone paving steps to any size to meet your requirements.

Feel free to ring me Barry on 07903 949319 with any queries.


Stonemasonary skills alive and well in the ‘Houldsworth of Yorkshire’ Stone yard.

Posted on: October 6th, 2011 by barry No Comments

Stone masonry is an ancient skill which has existed for thousands of years. Today it’s a traditional skill that is very much in demand and we thought we would tell you about the work of our Stonemasons in the yard.

Simon has been a mason for 18 years and has been working with us for 3 years. He has a wide range of skills and his jobs vary from architectural masonry for buildings to more intricate stone work, carving statues, garden sculptures and statues, ornaments, stone signs and lettering.

Working along side Simon, is myself Barry Houldsworth. I have been working in Stone yards and Quarries around West Yorkshire for over 20 years, and 10 years ago, I took the plunge to run my own stone yard and so ‘Houldsworth of Yorkshire’ was born!

The process begins with the incoming customer order. The Yorkstone from the quarry is in large ‘blocks’ which are then sawn to size according to the individual customer order. The Yorkstone is cut with highly accurate programmable saws with diamond tipped blades.

Work then begins, looking at the customers order and drawings, then working the Yorkstone block into the required design. We make bespoke pieces so every piece is handcrafted and different. The tools used depend upon the individual job. For more intricate carving work the traditional masons hammer and chisel; otherwise tungsten tipped chisels are used. If required the final pieces of sandstone are honed smooth using carborundum rubbing blocks and wet polishing wheels.

Your final Yorkstone product is then complete tailor made to the customers needs.

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